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You'd think a guy with loads of creativity would poop out new s**t every day with every idea they get. But nah, I'll leave that to the clock crew. If no-one minds a bit of mindless babbling about artistic blocks, I'll make like a dog and stay (does that joke even work?). When I first submitted "Metal Gear Fiasko" I thought to myself: 'Damn, every line I draw seems to look so great!'

Today I vomit a little in my mouth every time I see my past work.

I've come a long way, I'd say. Too bad I have nothing to show you as prove. Some people have been asking for Metal Gear Fiasko 3, but quite frankly I have no idea when I'll get ideas sufficient enough to make another installment. I want to make all of my submissions good if not great in some way and plain and boring mediocrity is not my style(as if!).

At the moment I have several discontinued, near-finished or half-made stories and projects on hold, simply because I've come to a point where I can't come up with anything better, but don't want to make it worse either. Some of this stuff is a couple of years old and the more time I spend NOT making them, the less idea there is in submitting them.

My latest endeavour is a Madness-style animation that I wish to make something no-one has ever seen before, with new tricks, jokes and ideas. That is to give some originality to yet another Madness- flash. Mere violence just doesn't cut it, it HAS to have something more than that.

To know when you have something great in your hands... I'd give a kingdom for that skill sometimes... but on the other hand, what would be the point in ruining all he excitement and the joy of watching that score average go up...? It's always a rush to get the first OMFGLOL!1! of the day and I still reply to every single review I get, even if the movie's 2 years old. :D

Okay, that's enough talking for now. I could go on for ages but we all need to stop at some point. I hope you'll be able to enjoy my silly little flashes and someday see for yourselves that I'm not all that bad anymore. Until then, sayonara! o/

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